Pekin: LSE China Conference – Complexity of Growth


Coroczna konferencja dla absolwentów i przyjaciół uniwersytetu LSE. Ciekawy tech.event, na którym będzie również redakcja Będziecie w pobliżu? ZAPRASZAMY! Poniżej agenda spotkania.


LSE China Conference 2019: Complexity of Growth: The Challenges of Change for China The 9th annual LSE China Conference will be held in Beijing on the evening of 13 August 2019. International politics, trade and diplomacy has changed dramatically over the past 18 months. China is operating in a very different and challenging world. The volatile nature of current international relations makes it difficult to anticipate, with much confidence, future developments.

However, China’s domestic growth, reform and development continues. This evening’s conference takes a look at economic development and business challenges and opportunity for China’s society from a diverse range of perspectives. Speakers will look at economic history, e-finance, social credits, and China’s grand strategy on global economic engagement. The eclectic mix of speakers and their themes reflexts the complexity of China’s next stage of growth and change.

  • More information on the event can be found here: LSE China Conference 2019
  • Registration: LSE China Conference 2019 – Registration
  • Date: Tueday 13 August 2019
  • Time: 5-9pm
  • Venue: Infinity Ballroom, Hilton Beijing Hotel, 1 Dongfang Road, North Dongsanhuan Rd, Beijing 100027, China
  • Language: There will be simultaneous translation during the conference


5:00pm – 5:40pm – Registration

5:40pm – 5:45pm – Welcome and Introduction to LSE 2030 – Educating for Global Impact, by LSE Pro-Director (Vice President), Prof. Dilly Fung/

Session One – Development Lesson’s from the Past – A Look at Shanghai  

5:45pm – 6:10pm – Legend of Shanghai: Historical Transformation, Prof. Ma Xueqiang, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

6:10pm – 6:20pm – Response from Prof. Hyun Bang Shin, Department of Geography and Director of Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre, LSE

6:20pm – 6:30pm Questions and Answers with Audience

Session One Chair – Prof. Dilly Fung, Pro-Director (Vice President) for Education, LSE

Session Two – Confucianism Revived? – China’s Social Credit from 2020 

6:30pm – 6:50pm – China’s Social Credits, Dr. Timothy Hildebrandt, Associate Professor, Department of Social Policy, LSE

6:50pm – 7:00pm – Response from Prof. Xiong Yuegen, Department of Sociology, Peking University

7:00pm – 7:10pm – Questions and Answers with Audience

Session Two ChairDr. Moqi Groen-Xu, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Finance, LSE

Networking and Refreshments

7:10pm – 7:45pm – Tea and coffee and buffet dinner

Session Three – China’s Business and Economic Strength and Challenges

7:45pm – 8:15pm – China’s Fintech Future, Li Guangyu

8:15pm – 8:30pm – Global Value Chains: Opportunities and Challenges for China’s business, Dr. Li Chunyun, Assistant Professor, LSE Department of Management

8:30pm – 8:45pm – Belt Road Initiative (BRI) and China’s Grand Strategy, Dr. Álvaro Méndez, Senior Research Fellow, Department of International Relations, LSE and Co-Director, Global South China, LSE

8:45pm – 8:55pm – Questions and Answers with Audience

Session Three Chair – Prof. Yao Qiwei, Dept. of Statistics, LSE

Closing Remarks

8:55pm – 9:00pm – Prof. Dilly Fung, Pro-Director (Vice President) for Education, LSE